So I’m just back from Asheville, and I’m completely thrown off as to what day it is. Left on a Sunday, back on Monday, yes, I know this, but for some reason it feels like later in the week. Or I’m just so tired my brain isn’t working well? Either is entirely possible.

The reading at Malaprops was very nice, and thanks to the staff there for giving me such a warm welcome. Also thanks to everyone who turned out, especially Lindsay, who drove two hours to see me (and had on a cute pink sweater I immediately coveted). I know I say this a lot, but I can’t tell you enough how flattering it is to meet people who are so excited about my books. I told Lindsay she made my day. She said, “You made my year!” So nice. Thank you!

After the reading I had a nice dinner in Asheville, retired to my very fancy hotel room (thank you Allison, publicist supreme!) which was so swanky it actually had a chandelier in it (no, I’m not kidding.) I realized, as I crawled into bed, that it was only 7:45. How pathetic is that? But I sat up awhile, watching The Blues Brothers, one of my favorite movies, on AMC. They have a show where they run fun facts about the movie along the bottom of the screen, sort of like Pop Up Video for films. Who knew Aretha Franklin’s sister was one of the backup singers in “Think”? Or that Chaka Kahn was the soloist in James Brown’s choir? Not me. But I do now.

I planned to hang around Asheville a little bit today, because I love it there, but I kept waking up last night. I don’t sleep well in hotel rooms, as a rule, so six a.m., when I’d already woken up a million times, I decided to just get up and go. Threw on some clothes, checked out, hit the road, back home by 11 am. Now: lunch, and a big, fat nap. Yessssss.

have a good day everyone!