Remy and Dexter: Banned!

This is just so interesting to me. It was sent to me by a teacher who had ordered This Lullaby for his classroom, and received this—and another, less offensive book, I guess?—instead. I guess it’s like my mom always said (and says): different strokes for different folks. Apparently this book club believed the novel is not appropriate, but then there are several teachers who have bought class sets of it and assigned it to their students who thought otherwise. I think what’s most interesting to me is that the book was originally offered for sale, but then removed. Did someone complain? If so, what about? I’m not upset, really, just curious.

My dad would say that this is a good thing. That controversy sells. (Although, apparently, not in this book club.) It’s like when the Washington Post ran a front page article a few years back about how YA books had become so shocking, and they quoted a bunch of lines from Dreamland. The quotes were taken out of context, purely for shock value, but all I could think about was: I’m on the front page of the Washington Post! Oh my God! And now, I’ve been Banned From the Book Club. So exciting!

have a great weekend everyone.