Good morning! (Or, oops! It’s afternoon.)

Late entry today, as I’ve been out running errands and doing some Christmas shopping. First off, I want to thank everyone for the nice comments about This Lullaby being dropped by that book club (see previous entry if you don’t know what I’m talking about): as I said, I’m not upset, but it is kind of odd to me. But to the couple of folks who said they, too, had ordered it only to be told it was no longer available, and then went out and bought it elsewhere, I say: thank you. In fact, I say thank you to all of you. You guys rock.

In other news, I know it’s the time of year when we are supposed to practice goodwill towards men (and women, of course) but I am having a bit of difficulty. People, I can deal with. But I’m having serious critter issues. First, we have a mouse. Or maybe more than one mouse. This is nothing new, they always show up when it starts getting cold, but I am so sick of opening my pantry to find droppings (ew!) and packs of crackers and cookies and other stuff ripped open and now unsalvageable (&*&^%!). We set some traps a few weeks back, and as we were watching TV one night, sure enough, we heard it, that combination thunk/snap that means we caught one. I am completely and totally unable to check the traps. I just can’t do it. So my husband goes, and reports that the mouse is dead, and bloody, and then I feel totally guilty, so much so that I decide, in a moment of goodwill towards mice, that maybe we won’t set the traps, we’ll just live in harmony with them. To which my husband points out that it’s not healthy to do that, they carry diseases, we can’t let them just run rampant. But still, I feel bad.

Then there are the squirrels. I’ve said before that we live out in the sticks, and we don’t have regular garbage pickup. You can either pay for Waste Industries to come, or go to the dump. We pay, and since we had an account with them at our old place, as well, we brought our garbage can along when we moved. Same garbage can we’d had for a couple of years, now we’ve had it six more. But for some reason, just a couple of weeks ago, the squirrels declared war on it. They chewed a little hole, and proceeded to have a throwdown.

Everytime I look outside, they were in that garbage can. The stuff inside was totally shredded. Since the can was old, I called Waste Industries, and explained the situation. They dropped us off a new one. Last night, my husband goes outside. Comes back. Reports that there is a hole in the NEW one, in the exact spot where the old one had a hole. It took them less than a weekend. Six years, no problem. Two weeks, two cans! What’s the deal? Now, I have to decide what to do. I know Waste Industries will be annoyed with me if I call to report another hole so soon. But we can’t live with this? Can we?


Fa-la-la-la-la, is all I have to say. Or all I can say, at this point.

Finally, a question for all you computer savvy folk out there. Since I got new Bellsouth DSL, certain things on my computer have been kind of whacked, and now, suddenly, the font size on my browser keeps switching itself from Medium to Small. I can switch it back, but only temporarily: within time, it switches itself back. Is there some trick to making it stay the size I want it? Or is it out of my control, like my pantry and the garbage can? Oh, please let me be able to fix this one thing. It will maybe make the other two easier to take. Or, not.

have a great day everyone!