This isn’t a rant, I promise. It’s just a story.

So the other day I’m in Best Buy, doing some holiday shopping. Picked up a couple of DVDs, checked out the IPod accessories, you know, the usual. As I’m headed to the checkout, I decided to swing through the Sprint PCS section to look at phones. Now, my phone works just fine, but it’s a little old, and I’ve kind of had my eye on a camera phone, because I am just that much of a nerd. Plus, my phone can’t download ringtones, but if I had a NEW phone my ringtone could be “Float On,” by Modest Mouse, and how cool would that be? Very cool. Exactly.

I start looking at the phones, and quickly the deal is apparent: if I were a new customer, I could get the phone I want for about fifty bucks, or maybe even less. But I’m not a new customer. So after standing around for awhile waiting for a salesperson (holidays and all, they were busy) this nice guy finally asks me if he can help me. I explain that I’m a Sprint customer, I’m thinking about a new phone, and want to know my options. As in, can I get the lower new customer price. No, he says. I’ll have to pay the full price of the phone if I want a new one, i.e. around $170 instead of fifty or so. I think on this for a second. I say, “So, wait a second. What you’re saying is that it’s actually cheaper for me to switch carriers, go somewhere else, because the phone is cheaper for new customers?” He nodded. “But,” I said, “do they really want that? I mean, they’re making money off me right now. And they’d rather I switch, and lose that money entirely, than give me the cheaper phone price?” He nodded again. Then he explained that to Sprint, and pretty much all the companies, it’s more lucrative to pull in new customers and get them signed up on contracts than to give discounts to current ones. “They figure they’re bringing in lots of new folks,” he said, “so it’s not a big deal if they lose a few.”

Does this make sense to anyone? If so, I wish they would explan it to me. I’m mean, I’m sending them a steady check every month for not chump change, I might add. But they’d rather me just switch somewhere else? Well…I probably will. And then we’ll all be happy. Or…will we? It just seems really, really odd. I read this morning that Sprint and Nextel are merging. Maybe they should look into this. Just a suggestion.

Okay, end of rant/story/whatever. In other news, it’s cold here, really cold: winter is officially here. Brrrrr! Luckily, there are things you can do to distract yourself. Like last night, when I bundled up on the couch and finished watching Love, Actually while listening to the DVD commentary, which is HYSTERICAL, mostly because Hugh Grant keeps making fun of Colin Firth. Or today, when I came downstairs to watch GMA and who was on there but my favorite muppet, Gonzo. You never seen Gonzo anymore! And then there’s tonight, and America’s Next Top Model: who will win? Frankly, I don’t like anyone. But if I had to pick the lesser of the three evils—Eva, YaYa or Amanda—-I’d go with…oh, God, none of them! Bring back Toccara! Please?

have a good day everyone!