I just saw the oddest commerical. It was for Panasonic wet/dry shavers. A guy and a girl, each with a shaver, going through a carwash. The water pours down on them: cut to her shaving her legs (still in the car) him shaving his face (ditto). Underneath, in white letters, the disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT. Then, cut to them standing UP in car, while still in carwash (dangerous, yes?) making out (also dangerous?) followed by another cut in which they burst forth into the sunshine, clean and completely dry, and her hair is perfect.

*scratches head quizzically*

I’m just not sure where to even begin with this. I think the weirdest part, for me, was the DO NOT ATTEMPT. Do we need to be told not to shave while driving through a carwash? I guess we do. Life is strange, people. If you need proof, just watch television. (And you can quote me on that.)

Meanwhile, back in the real world (whatever that means) we’re a week and a day from Christmas. Today I speak at the Chapel Hill Public Library (it’s a Meet the Author Tea, tea at 3:30, reading at 4, if anyone’s around and NOT doing Christmas shopping), and tomorrow we have our party here. I am going through my normal pre-party stress of dealing with what I’ve decided to call the Surprise Potluck aspect of this party. It’s been going on for fifteen years, we figured out, and my husband and I have hosted it the last ten or so. Each year, my mother in law contributes this huge lasagna, so the main course is taken care of. I do tons of appetizers. Everyone else is supposed to bring…something. Hence, the mystery. I never know what anyone’s bringing. Could be fifty desserts, could be fifty sidedishes. Could just be beer. You just never know. Which usually leads to me, on the day of the party, completely panicking and thinking I won’t have enough food for everyone, so I make more, and then we have way too much. It’s the same thing every year. So you’d think I’d be used to it. But no. Still, today, I’m like, maybe I should make some sidedishes. Or another main dish? What if we don’t have enough food? What then?

Oh, well. There’s always Easy-Mac, right? Works in a pinch. (It might have to. )

Sometimes I think my life should have its own disclaimer at times like this, when I find myself totally stressed. DO NOT ATTEMPT, it might say, when I again try to micro-manage the Suprise Potluck. Or CAUTION: PROFESSIONAL, CLOSED COURSE when I’m up here writing and tearing my hair, looking nothing but unprofessional. Just a little way of warning the world this is harder, or more complicated, than it looks. Like shaving in the carwash. Right?

have a great day everyone!