I keep seeing ads for Meet the Fockers, and everytime I do, I just shudder a bit. No, it’s not Barbra Streisand in that caftan. It’s more just remembering seeing Meet the Parents, which made me so squirmingly uncomfortable I couldn’t even stand it. There’s something about movies that are solely about one embarrassing moment after another…I can’t take it. I remember seeing Meet the Parents in the theater and feeling exhausted when I emerged, from the pure stress of anxiety. I know movies are supposed to take you right into another story, another experience, but that’s going a bit too far, isn’t it?

It’s the same way with some books. My friend Jenny, who really likes most Chick Lit, can’t read the Shopaholic books, because they make her too nervous. All that spending, with no way to pay, all that debt: she shudders just thinking about it. I guess, like the movies, this is the flip side of writing a story that people can relate to too much. They need escapism, just not that kind. Or something.

Meanwhile, I survived what I hope will be my last trip to the mall yesterday. It was packed, everyone scurrying around buying their gifts, Santa and Mrs. Claus in the center court, surrounded by screaming children, lots of signs screaming SALE! I had a few last gifts to pick up for others but got totally waylaid as soon as I walked in by the fake diamond rings. I mean, truly fake, so fake they were funny, on sale for ten bucks. If you get US Magazine, and you’ve seen those ads in the back for the Jessica Simpson and Britney replicas, you know what I’m talking about. People: I could not resist. I bought this ring with three pink “diamonds” and smaller white “diamonds” between them. It’s huge and tacky and totally hysterical. Very J. Lo. I was wearing it around the house yesterday, cracking myself up, and then forgot about it and left it on the nightstand, where my husband discovered it later. I told him I was planning to wear it until he noticed. He just looked at it and said, “I don’t think I could miss it.”

It is kind of extreme. And I can’t imagine actually wearing it anywhere, although it might be fun to do so. Talk about going out of your comfort zone. Maybe I’ll wear it up to the Food Lion next time I run out for a few things. Or to the first day of my class in January. Or just to pump gas, you know, all casual. Just me and my bling, filling up.

have a good day everyone!