Happy day after day after Christmas. Hard to believe, isn’t it? All that buildup, shopping, making plans, and it’s over in a single weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Still. Plus, I think I put on about ten pounds, solely in sweets and snack mix. Oh, my goodness. But it was worth it.

Now, we only have five days left in 2004. Which means that it’s time to really take stock and figure out what I didn’t get to this year, and then, um, get to it. And quickly. My main goal for this week is to do some serious closet cleaning. I really believe this is the best way to transition into the new year, by bringing as little clutter with me as possible. I have two small closets up here in my office, on either side of the room: they lead under the eaves, so they’re sort of long and low-ceilinged storage. When we moved in, I kept thinking, Gosh, we have so much closet space! (In our old house, we had no closets. None.) I thought, there’s no way I’ll ever fill these up! Impossible!

Well. Ahem. Six years later, I find myself with two pretty much packed closets, and before Friday, my goal is to clean them out. God, I shudder just writing that. In fact, everytime I open one of these closets, I am overwhelmed with a sense of exhaustion and dread that makes me close it again, immediately. But I have to do this. One of them is packed full of all these old computer parts that I have to get rid of: monitors, hard drives, old CD burners, a busted scanner. The other has boxes upon boxes of my books and papers, completely unorganized. Oh, man, I’m tired already. But if I do this—if I clean them out, load it all up, take it to the dump, organize what’s left and put it back in neatly—I will be so proud of myself. I will start 2005 without the psychic weight of my collective debris, I’ll have better feng shui, my chi will be all in order. Right? Right.

Everytime I think about this—and then feel instantly discouraged—I remind myself that every big project is daunting at first. It’s like writing a novel. You can’t think about how you’re going to do the entire thing at once, you’ll go nuts. (Trust me: I know.) Instead, you have to focus on the first scene. Then, the second one. And on and on. It’s slow going, but it’s the only way you get to the end. As Anne Lamott would say, bird by bird. In my closet-cleaning world, it’s box by box. Monitor by monitor. Breath by breath. Okay. Here we go.

(And, of course, you have to have the carrot, the prize: if I do it, I can go by the new Sex and the City DVD, which comes out this week. Incentive!)

have a good day everyone!