I’ve been trying all morning to think of something to write about today. But each time I had even a spark of an idea, I just couldn’t do it. The fact is, this journal is mostly silly, a good forum for prattling on about pop culture and movies and celebrities, as well as a way to keep up with my readers and friends. But I can’t write about Sex and The City today, not when the death toll from the earthquake and tsunamis is up to 80,000 people. I just can’t.

It’s so horrific. It’s like it’s not even real, an entire world away, but it IS real, and I feel helpless and small, unable to do a thing about it other than to donate to one of the many charities collecting for aid. I’m not sure what the purpose of this entry is, really. I guess maybe just to say that if you haven’t already, to say a prayer or think a good thought or do whatever you can do here, as this year winds down, for the millions of people affected and suffering. I hope you all have your families and friends safe around you, and keep in mind those who don’t. Thanks.

Have a good day everyone.