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It’s the very tail end of this new year, and today, I’m headed up to Southern Pines for my last official bookstore reading (at The Country Bookshop, 7pm) for The Truth About Forever. I did the first one all the way back on April 15th at the UNC Campus bookstore, and I remember how nervous I was. There’s always so much at stake, I think, when you first start promoting a book, having no idea how it’s going to be received. With Forever, I also did my first real book tour, and got to go across the country and back, reading from it to people I never would have gotten to meet otherwise. Very cool. I’m proud of the book, and so grateful people seem to like it. So while part of me is somewhat relieved to be ending the appearances (I am so sick of myself and everything I have to say, to be honest) I’m also a little sad to see it all come to a close, at least for a little while.

It’s weird how I’ve been through this six times now, and each time it’s still feels very new and unique, every bit of the process: being terrified to start a book in case it doesn’t work, agonizing along through bad days, joyous during good, crossing my fingers as I send it off to New York, hoping it’s as good as I think it might be. Then, editing, copyediting, galleys, reviews, more agonizing, and that glorious moment when you finally hold the finished book in your hand. The first one I get is my reading copy, and I always flip it open and write MINE on the first inside page, and then I write each place I’ve gone, each reading I’ve done, and the date. My reading copy of The Truth About Forever has been through a lot. It’s got a long list of places, and several bookmarks, pages where I’ve scribbled and cut what I’m going to read aloud, and some letters that were given to me by the most loyal fans I’ve ever met, the Jersey Girls, which are tucked under the back flap. I put everything I had into this book and trying to get it out into the world, and it was worth it. Plus, I’ll always be able to flip back through that book and remember not only the writing, but everything that came after it. And for all of it, today, especially today, I am grateful. And thankful.

Have a great day everyone!