Happy 2005!

A few years back someone told me that whatever you do on the first day of the New Year, you end up doing all year. Of course, I immediately took this very seriously, and ever since I’ve been careful about what I do on the first, so as to have some hope of the year going really well. (I also eat collard greens and blackeyed peas on New Years Day, for money and luck, respectively. Is that just a Southern thing, or does everyone do it?) Anyway. If this year follows suit of what I did on Saturday, then I will spend my year:

  • laying on my new couch—with a wee headache, if I’m to be totally honest—watching Roseanne reruns on the Oxygen channel
  • laughing at my friend Scott
  • enjoying incredibly beautiful weather
  • watching movies (we watched Napoleon Dynamite, which I found both very disturbing and very funny)
  • eating cheese pizza
  • writing (fingers crossed on this one, I always do it on the first of the year, even if I’m not working on something specific, as I am more superstitious about my writing than anything else, God help me)
  • reading a really good book (Prep, by Curtis Sittenden)
  • eating chocolate-chip pecan cookies
  • listening to Mitch Hedberg tell jokes (he’s a comedian I’d never heard of before, Scott has his CD, it’s HYSTERICAL)
  • going to bed early

Not bad, right? If this rule is true, it should be a good year. Especially the cookie part.

I DO hope I get to more movies this year. I realized the other day that this is something that has really fallen off for me in the last couple of years: I used to always go see films, now it’s a rarity. Last week I did get to Sideways, which was really good, but had been hyped to me so much that there was no way it could live up to my expectations. (Don’t you hate that?) And, as I said above, Napoleon Dynamite was good as well, although I felt so bad for just about everyone in it it made me uncomfortable at times. Now, I just have to see Garden State, and I’ll feel slightly caught up with the rest of the world. Maybe this week?

I hope you all had a great New Years, and that you will have a great New Year. Here’s hoping everything works out. Especially, um, the cookie part. Yes!

have a good day everyone!