Very late (and quick) entry for me today, as I had to get up SO early to drop my car off at the dealership. Apparently, there is some airbag flaw with a bunch of new Hondas, and my car might have been one of them. I arrived at what I thought was a pretty early time (8:30 ish) only to find the waiting room packed. The service department said it might take a few hours. Oh, well, I thought, and settled in with the book I’d brought to read to pass the time—my mother taught me to always bring a book if there’s even the slightest chance you’ll have to wait—but then, after I’d been sitting there a few minutes, a girl who worked at Honda came through asking if anyone needed the complimentary shuttle, which, in a few moments, was leaving for the nearby mall.

Well. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

I went to the mall. Armed, luckily, with a bunch of gift cards I’d gotten for Christmas. Because it is late, let me just sum up: there were sales. LOTS of sales. I bought many things I needed, some I didn’t, and treated myself to a mocha at Starbucks. Happy happy! Joy Joy! A couple of hours later, they came back and got me. Now, reading my book—House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende, because I know at least one of you is curious—-would have been cheaper. But while shopping is fun, unexpected shopping aided by gift cards is even better.

Of course, now I have to stay away from the mall until summer. Or at least spring. But it was worth it.

have a good day everyone!