I am embarrassed to admit that last night I watched the premiere of the new Surreal Life on VHI. The cast, as always, is fully wacky: Christopher Knight (Peter from the Brady Bunch), Adrienne Curry (season one winner of America’s Next Top Model) Marcus Schenkenburg (model, I know I’m spelling that wrong) Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Gos, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me from Austin Powers) Da Brat (self-explanatory?) and Chyna, the wrestler. High point of last night’s episode? After Verne gets drunk and then rides around on his scooter naked (and possibly asleep?), Christopher Knight sighs, rubs a hand over his face, and says, “I’m at a loss.” As was I. And all I have to say about Chyna is that it’s clear they were looking for another Brigitte, and they just might have found one. Oh, my Goodness. The woman is full-on. Yikes!

(My husband was shocked by her. Shocked. I pointed out that she was my age and he would NOT believe me, not until I looked her up on IMDB—what we ever did without IMDB, I have no idea—and sure enough, she’s only six months older than me. He was blown away. But I digress.)

The truth of the matter is, Surreal Life, like most reality shows, is like a train wreck, disturbing and upsetting. However: there is one exception, at least in my opinion: The Biggest Loser, which has its finale tonight at eight, LIVE. The three finalists were sent home last week, to try and continue their weight loss without trainers or controlled environments, and tonight we see who actually stuck to it. I don’t know how I got sucked into this show, but I did, and I do think at least some good comes out of it, in that people do get healthier, and happier with themselves. It’s not Verne Troyer drunk on a scooter, but you know what? That’s a GOOD thing. Thank God for quality television, right? Nova, Biography, The History Channel, the Biggest Loser….and the O.C. Of course.

have a good day, everyone….