So I finally did it: I broke down and got a new phone. After braving Best Buy (never could get a salesperson) and the Sprint Store (walked in, saw huge crowd, no salesperson, left immediately) I was driving past my local Radio Shack yesterday and thought I’d give it one more shot. So I went in. I was the only person there with a very nice salesman, who immediately stepped up to help me.

Now, I still think the way all this works is wrong. That as a loyal, paying-a-sizeable-amount-regularly customer, I have to jump through more hoops and pay more for a new phone than someone with no history with Sprint whatsoever. But thanks to a big mail-in rebate and some wrangling, I have a new phone. It is, in word, spiffy. It has a camera—with which I spent much of yesterday taking pictures of my dogs—more web options, fancier ringers, etc. The best part? I downloaded “Float On” for my ringer (remember how I said I really wanted that?) AND a Carrie Bradshaw screen saver. Bliss!!!! All of this made today, the first day back to school, that much easier. Now, in times of stress, I have two additional options (to freaking out and crying, the default first two); I can remind myself to calm down with a bit of Modest Mouse, or stare at my phone and ask, “What would Carrie do?”

Actually, right now, she’d probably NOT be doing what I’m doing: eating a Luna bar, listening to someone talk about Faulkner down the hall and being very non-academic on the internet. Oh, well. At least I have cute shoes on.

have a good day, everyone!