It has been SO long since a movie has been released that 1) I was excited to see and 2) got good reviews. Well, finally, today is the day: In Good Company comes out. I saw the preview back when I went to see the second Bridget Jones movie, (another movie I was excited about, but which really disappointed me) and ever since then I’ve been waiting. Finally!

It’s good there’s something to be excited about today, because the weather is AWFUL. Ever since before New Year’s, while everyone else has gotten rain, and snow and ice in vast and scary amounts, we’ve been down here below the jet stream, with our warm weather, our sunny days, things positively balmy. People react one of two ways to this total unseasonableness: either they revel (like my students yesterday, many of whom were in shorts and flip-flops) or they obsess, waiting for the payback, the other shoe to drop. I try to strike a balance between the two, i.e. being grateful for the warm weather BECAUSE it won’t last forever. Anyway, the point is, it looks like the reprieve from real weather is over. Right now, it’s raining. Hard. It’s been raining hard since early last night. And today, it’s supposed to get cold, and stay cold. Here we go.

But as always, there is a bright side, if you chose to look for it. Such as: there was this winter coat I’d had my eye on, at the Gap? But it was really expensive? So I kept my eye on it, watching the price go down, down, down, but didn’t act fast enough, and went I went in the other day they only had one left, in a size too big for me? But I asked them to check what they had online, and they did have my size? For, like, over a hundred bucks less than the original price? So I ordered it? And it came yesterday? So I’m ready for the cold, at least?

(Why the question marks? I have no idea? Scoring awesome bargains makes me dizzy?)

So even if it is cold, I will at least have my new coat. And a new movie. And popcorn. If you can’t be balmy, at least be well-dressed, well-fed, and well-entertained. Right?

have a good day, everyone!