I only managed to stay up for part of the Golden Globes last night. It’s that long middle stretch of miniseries awards that always gets me: they start big, with supporting actor and actress (and how cute was Natalie Portman?) but then slowly, it gets duller and duller and then picks up at the end. By which point, I’m done for. Thanks to the internet, however, I got to see all the dresses and winners this morning. Better late than never.

I didn’t watch any of the red carpet stuff because I really have issues with Joan Rivers. I know I’ve written about this before: I just feel like she’s so mean, her karma so bad that I wouldn’t want to stand anywhere near here in case a bolt of lightning came suddenly crashing down on her. Or an anvil. Or whatever. So I let the Tivo tape the first fifteen minutes, then tried to fast forward through the commercials and the boring parts. Still, by going to bed early I missed Leonardo DiCaprio, and seeing Sideways win. It looked like Eternal Sunshine was shut out. What’s up with that? Here’s my prediction: it gets nominated, and wins, the original screenplay Oscar. Mark my words.

Meanwhile, speaking of movies, I did get to In Good Company yesterday, and liked it VERY much. Dennis Quaid was especially good, which I wasn’t expecting, and of course Scarlett Johannsen is so gorgeous she doesn’t even seem real. I normally only go to the movies when other people don’t, i..e weekday matinees—one of the perks of being, at least partially, self-employed—but yesterday my friend Leigh and I saw the 1:55 showing. I forgot today was a holiday, and thus the theater was PACKED. Packed! On a Sunday, at two pm. It’s been so long since I saw a movie with people on either side of me: I’d forgotten what it was like. I was quickly reminded, however, by a woman on Leigh’s other side, who kept up a running commentary throughout the movie. It was kind of a like a special feature on a DVD, except not so special, as it consisted mostly of her answering questions people asked on screen, or completing character’s thoughts before they had a chance to. “It feels like…” Topher Grace would say, and she’d chime in with “Home,” then eat some popcorn. So annoying. From now on, it’s only 11:30 movies on weekdays for me. Seriously.

Finally, I have to say that with LiveJournal’s shutdown this weekend, I realized how truly addicted I am to this site. No Friends page to check? No comments to read? Nothing? It was so weird. Guess it’s true, you don’t know what you’ve got until….well, you don’t have it anymore. I will not take it for granted again.

have a good day, everyone!