A little humor for you Northerners: only in North Carolina can you get an inch of snow and everything falls apart completely. Now, I know we’re not as equipped to handle winter weather as some places, but this is kind of ridiculous. Children having to sleep at school? People stuck on the interstate for hours? Oh, man. It’s gonna take a while to live this down.

And this morning, even though the roads in were fine, campus is DEAD. Silent. Everyone’s out buying milk and bread—another pathological thing we do when there’s bad weather forecast, as it is for tonight—instead of coming to work. So crazy.

Meanwhile, I am feeling VERY proud of myself for figuring out how to make a mini-movie icon. I must give credit to the maker of Sarahland, the icon for which inspired me, but I stuck in a couple of other things along with the book covers, as well. It’s nice that the Mandy picture goes by so fast you can’t see how incredibly bad I look standing next to her. (In person—even moreso than onscreen, even—she is so beautiful is is stunning. Seriously.) Now that I figured out 1)that I have Paint Shop Pro and 2) that I can actually use it somewhat easily, I have about twenty-nine days to play around with it before my free trial ends. We’ll see what I come up with. After all, I’ll have time to mess around with it in the next couple of days. With all the Bad Weather and all.

(Go buy bread! And milk! Now!)

have a good day everyone!