So, it’s Friday, and although they called for 1-2 inches of snow last night, all it did was flurry and rain. This after they only called for flurries on Wednesday, and we got an inch or so that slowed traffic, trapped people, and got us on the CNN website. Tomorrow, they’re saying we’ll get a “wintry mix.” Is is April yet?

I am trying not to dwell on the weather, and the fact that this is my LEAST favorite time of the year. Call it seasonal depression, the winter blahs, whatever, I always feel myself hitting a big slump this time of year, having to force myself to soldier on. Usually, things start to look up around mid-March, spring break time. We can only hope.

There ARE things to be excited about though, right? (Please say yes!) Of course there are. In fact, I’m going to make a list:

1. Napoleon Dynamite. Okay, yes, this movie is silly, hardly has a plot, and makes me very uncomfortable. Still, we bought it last week, and I’m so glad. I can just put it on for a few minutes, and no matter what kind of funk I’m in, it cheers me up.

2. The O.C. Which was new last night, and just brings me so much happiness. Also: my O.C. DVD set, which I am still not all the way through. Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow when it’s sleeting/raining/wintermixing outside.

3. Scarves. I just bought a hand-knit scarf at this local coffee shop in Wednesday: it’s cream colored, and so pretty. Hate the weather, love the accessories.

4. Hot Tea. Every year, I get back into tea in the winter, and lately it’s all about the Sleepytime. So nice. Also, better for me than the bottled Starbucks Frappacinos, which I finally gave up during Christmas break. Haven’t had one in WEEKS. So glad to get that monkey off my back. So to speak.

5. Paint Shop Pro. I am having so much fun trying to figure out how to make icons. It’s totally bringing out my inner geek, and gives me yet another time waster that keeps me from doing laundry and cleaning my house. And I always need one of those.

6. Valentine’s Day. Actually, not Valentine’s Day per se, but the fact that, because the stores have been getting ready for it since New Years, there is chocolate EVERYWHERE. And that’s always a good thing.

Okay, so now I feel better. At least, a little bit. This is the worst of it, I know, these long, gray cold weeks. Maybe I should move to Florida? Escape it altogether? But then I wouldn’t feel like I’d earned the summer, and all the great things that come along with it. Like devilled eggs. And beach books. And May sweeps. And……oh, but that’s another list entirely.

have a good day everyone!