Brrr! It’s cold here today—around 18 right now, I think—but I will not complain, because I know many of you are digging out, or maybe not even able to dig out, from insane amounts of snow. I just emailed my brother in Western Mass to make sure they’re faring okay. What a weekend.

We didn’t get much weather, but yesterday the wind was blowing HARD, and it was ice cold. Yikes! This entire weekend all I wanted to do was stay inside and eat popcorn (which I pretty much did) although yesterday I did venture out to the grocery store. I was walking across the parking lot, gritting my teeth against the cold, when this man a few feet away, also walking, said, “Watch your step.” I looked down, only to see that I’d been about to walk directly across a huge sheet of ice. I am just that observant. Ooops. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Otherwise, I would have been on my butt for sure.

Besides eating popcorn, I spent much of the last couple of days catching up on my magazine reading. As regular readers of this journal know, I have a bit of a magazine addiction: I subscribe to ENTIRELY too many. It’s like a sickness; Us Weekly, EW, Newsweek, Jane, O the Oprah Magazine, People, Cooking Light…the list goes on and on, and it’s really hard to get to them all, especially when you’re making an effort to read more books, as I am (I just started The Time Traveler’s Wife, which I hear is fantastic.) Anyway, so I’m going through my magazines this weekend, and here’s what I come up with: Paris Hilton is everywhere. And it’s not just on the cover of the new Jane, and in photos in all my celeb mags: it’s a world domination thing. I swear to you. She’s hosting Saturday Night Live this week. She’s in the T-Mobile commercials. The Simple Life. Selling her own jewelry collection on Amazon, peddling perfume, about to come out with an album and open her own line of clothing and accessories.

It boggles the mind! Has anyone, EVER, been so saturated across the market at one time? I’m telling you, maybe it’s because I was shut in all weekend, pretty much, but it’s a little scary to think about how many times a day I see something about Paris. Maybe, though, this is my problem? A reflection of my own over-attachment to pop culture? A few weeks ago, my father, who is entirely intellectual, actually asked me who Paris was and why she was famous. He’d read something about her, probably in the New York times. And while all these things popped into my head—the TV show, the album, the perfume—I couldn’t exactly say WHY she was so popular. Which is also a little scary.

Oh, I’m only making it worse by talking about it. I really am. I’m going to stop now, I promise. And go put on some warm socks. Maybe pop some popcorn….

have a good (and warm!) day everyone!