So I’m sitting here, sucking down coffee and waiting for the full list of Academy Awards nominees to go up on CNN. As of right now, 8:59, they’re only showing the main acting/directing/picture categories. The one thing that’s really jumping out at me is that Paul Giamatti isn’t nominated for Best Actor for Sideways: he’s, like, the only one. It got a nod for Best Pic, Director, Supporting Actor and Actress. OUCH! That stinks for him. I hope he’s okay.

In the good news category, Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress for Eternal Sunshine. YESSSSSS! Meanwhile, I can’t believe these are being announced while I’m here at school, nowhere near a TV. I’m at the mercy of the Internet, and that, my friends, is a scary thing. Maybe I should try to think about something else until they get the entire list up. Like…traveling.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been suffering from serious wanderlust. Or maybe just getting-out-of-town-please lust. Which sounds much less romantic and exciting. It ALWAYS happens this time of year, after the semester starts, when it’s cold, and the days are long and gray. I start dreaming of going someplace warm, of spa trips and little drinks with umbrellas in them. The last couple of years we’ve gone to Florida for Spring Break, but it looks like it’s not happening this year, for various reasons. I may have to come up with SOMETHING, though. Just so I have it to look forward to. Other than the Oscars, that is. Speaking of which….

….there’s still no update on the full list…if Sunshine isn’t nominated for original screenplay, I’m going to freak. You will hear me, shrieking with indignation, wherever you are. Mark my words. Oh, man, listen to how crazy I sound. I really DO need a vacation. (edit: no freakout necessary. It was nominated.)

Finally, thanks for the nice words about the new icon. For the person who asked, I made it using the animation program that’s part of Paint Shop Pro. Very easy: if I can figure it out, you can. Although making the type clearer has totally stymied me….I’m not that savvy, I guess.

have a good day, everyone!