So it’s Friday night, my friends Courtney and Cameron just left after a LOVELY dinner, and all of a sudden I remember the comment someone left on my journal today saying that the Food Network’s $40 Dollars A Day show is about Chapel Hill tonight. And I then I remember that Branch’s Bookstore, this awesome independent bookstore, is featured on that show: they’d just taped it when I did my reading there for The Truth About Forever in June. So I turn it on at 9:40, just in time to catch Kate Branch telling Rachel Rae about how there are so many great local writers. And then they cut to: a table FULL of my books. For about a millisecond. But still: I freaked. Shrieked! Kate had said they might have gotten a shot of my books, but I had no idea it really happened. SO EXCITING! I am nationally exposed! (If only for about five seconds.) Okay: my night is made.

Come to think of it, though, it was already good. I had good friends over, fried chicken for dinner AND watched my new Best of Jimmy Fallon DVD. Plus, it might snow tomorrow, and I have a this week’s O.C. on my Tivo yet to enjoy. Yes!

Still. The TV thing, all five seconds of it, was still pretty good.

have a great weekend everyone!