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Very busy day, but could not resist this quiz. Could not! All I have to say to my husband these days to make him laugh is, “Your mom goes to college.” It’s a great stress reliever. We’re such nerds.

Speaking of nerdiness, I am feeling very pleased with myself because, after navigating Best Buy, various helpsites and finally talking the nicest man EVER at Bellsouth DSL Technical support, I managed to connect a wireless router to my computer yesterday. How I did this, I am not exactly sure. If it goes down, I will be in big trouble. But for now, I am choosing not to dwell on the negative. I am basking in my uber-geekdom. I am celebrating my insane technological self. Step back! You know you are impressed.

Oh, I wish I could always feel so accomplished. However, I know it is only a matter of time before the universe evens things out for me by making my phone break, or having me spill coffee on myself. I guess if everything always went right, you’d never enjoy it. But wouldn’t it be nice to get to find out if only for a little while, whether that’s really true?

have a good day, everyone!