It’s Friday, the sun is out, I don’t want to start the day—and the weekend—out on a rant. But I have to say something about the depictions of Southerners I’ve been seeing in chick lit books lately. Now, I know that we all have our stereotypes. And, if you haven’t spent a lot of time, or any time for that matter, in the South, everything you know about us may come from television and movies, where often people twang a lot and are occasionally a little dim-witted, at least compared to the city folk. But twice in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reading new chick lit books that have a stock Southern character who is straight off the turnip truck, with no real depth at all beyond a thick accent, calling people Sugar Pie and saying, “Oh, my Lordy,” all the time. I understand, sometimes you need a foil, a contrast. But can I just ask is that if you chose to have a character from North Carolina—even if they really exist for your narrator only to make fun of—please at least get the facts right? I was reading a book yesterday (a book that so far is really good and I’m really enjoying) which featured a character from North Carolina who proudly proclaimed she was from Raleigh-Durham. Raleigh and Durham, for those of you who don’t know, are two separate cities about thirty minutes from each other. Raleigh-Durham is an airport, or a geographical area: it would be like saying, “I’m from Dallas-Fort Worth,” or “I hail from Seattle-Tacoma!” Aren’t those two different places? Am I just being sensitive? Maybe if the character hadn’t also been stupid it wouldn’t have bothered me so much. Maybe, that was the POINT? She’s so stupid she doesn’t know where she’s from? Huh. Forget it, then.

Meanwhile, in more positive news, the superbowl is this weekend, which means I am trying to figure out what sort of diet-busting, calorie-laden, low-carbers-need-not-apply dish to make for Sunday evening. I’m thinking about going with nachos, maybe chicken nachos with pinto beans and lots of cheese and salsa and advocado? Then again, there’s always the old standby, Velveeta dip, you can’t go wrong with that. I was really wanting to make something different, though, something exciting and dynamic. But how many times a year can you really justify using Velveeta in a main dish? Or even making it a dealbreaker? My point exactly.

Finally, The Wedding Date opens today, which looks really cute. How starved are we for a good chick flick right now? I’ll tell you how starved: when I mentioned this movie in my class yesterday, a whole row of girls were like, “OOOOOH! That’s opening tomorrow? I want to see that SO BAD!” I have another reason to want this movie to do well: it’s directed by Clare Kilner, who directed How to Deal. She was so incredibly nice to me when I met her, just really sweet and kind and funny and I want good things for her, so here’s hoping it has a big weekend. And how cute is Deborah Messing? I love her. There may be popcorn and Velveeta in my future. Now THAT’s what we call a good weekend, down here in Raleigh-Durham.

have a good day, everyone!

(Oh, final note: the icon I’m using today I got from kaciegirlkacie, and I thank her in advance, very much, for letting me borrow it. Please let me know if I haven’t credited you correctly. Thanks!)