I’m writing this from my kitchen, which is just so bizarre for me. Ever since I hooked up my wireless router, I’ve been able to go online from pretty much everywhere in my house—okay, I haven’t tried EVERYWHERE, really, as the tub seems dangerous, but you get the point. It’s one of those technological things that is both really cool and really weird to try and think about at the same time. Kind of like the beaming option on my Handspring Visor: I can just send any info I want to someone else’s Visor, just push a button and they get it. Bizarre! Too Jetsons to even think about. As is this, me sitting here writing to you while not hooked up to any phone line whatsoever. Although it is nice and sunny down here, and my dogs are at my feet. I think I could get used to it.

I’ve been fighting a cold all weekend, which has been kind of rotten. It’s not blown up into something totally prohibitive—-meaning I’d have to get into bed and stay there, give up the fight and call myself sick—instead just staying just at the level where I’m really tired and keep sneezing. This may be because I am taking a lot of Emergen-c, which I am convinced is the Best Stuff In The World. It’s like Tang with benefits. At any rate, I rested all weekend so I could go to a Superbowl party last night, which was really fun (except for the sneezing). The game itself I found kind of dull, but then I am not a football person, so this is not altogether surprising. But was it just me, or were the commercials boring, too? The only one I really liked was the Bud Light one when the pilot jumped out of the plane. According to my informal survey—i.e. watching the five other people who were in the room—that was the only ad everyone laughed at. The rest were a mixed bag, at best. Maybe it’s a reaction to the whole Janet Jackson thing last year? People were so nervous about offending things were, well, bland? (Except for that one really odd ad with the girl in the government hearing? What was THAT all about?)

Oh, well, maybe it was just me. Maybe I was so stuffed up I wasn’t getting the jokes. It’s entirely possible. Maybe I’ll just take some more Emergen-c and go back to bed? It is tempting. I could even take my laptop with me….

have a good day, everyone!