Tonight is the Big Game around these parts: Duke vs. Carolina, 9pm, fight to the finish. I’ve written here before about how I used to be obsessed with Carolina Basketball, and have since calmed down considerably, but this is still a big deal, even to a reformed rabid fan like myself. Making things even more interesting is the fact that for the first time in ages, we’re actually ranked ABOVE Duke in the national polls, which makes them the underdog. Yeah, right. It’s historically proven that when it comes to these two teams, it never matters who is playing better, or where anyone’s ranked. It is always a GREAT, nail-biting, jumping-up-and-down-on- the-couch, screaming at the TV, heart in your throat kind of evening. Yikes. I think I better rest up. Win or lose, I can guarantee my students will be TIRED in class tomorrow. If they even show up at all.

Meanwhile, the weather has turned balmy, and now they’re calling for thunderstorms today. And you know what that means. Or maybe, you don’t. Am I the only one who was always told that if it thunders during the winter, it will snow in ten days time? I mentioned this in class yesterday and my students looked at me like I was talking gibberish. (Then again, they often look at me that way. But I digress.) Maybe it’s just one of those things you either hear or you don’t, like when you see cows lying down it’s going to rain (which I swear is true). My friend Holly, the super Penguin sales rep, told me this summer that birds on a wire means rain as well. I’d never heard that one, but then again, she’s in Pennsylvania, maybe that’s how they do it there. I guess if you live in an urban area, you have other signals to go on, as there probably aren’t cows around, or even a lot of birds on a wire. Is the farmer’s almanac even relevant if there’s, like, no farming anywhere near you? Hmmm.

Oh, whatever, these questions can wait. What really matters is whether Carolina will beat Dook. (I mean, Duke. Sorry.) (Not really.) And who gets through on American Idol, which I will not be watching because of the game. By this time tomorrow, all will be revealed. The snow, I guess we have to wait a little longer. Maybe just keep an eye on the birds and cows?

have a good day everyone!