So I just had almost an entire entry written—it touched on both the news that Prince Charles is marrying again AND Valentine’s Day—but as I was almost finished, I rolled sideways the tinest bit in my chair, knocking the plug from my computer from the very antiquated raised socket (no power strip) and cutting everything off. Whoops!

It’s just that kind of morning, I guess. First I stayed up VERY late to watch the UNC-Duke game, rare since I usually go to bed around 10, and then, adding insult to injury, we LOST. By one point! So frustrating. So now I’m slamming coffee and being too forceful with my rolling chair and losing important (Charles! Vday!) data. Man.

I do have to say one thing about Valentine’s Day, though: the fact that it’s on a Monday this year is a marketer’s dream. Not only do you have to be sweet to your sweetie that day, but pretty much the entire weekend, as well. Buy more cards! And chocolate! Really, if truth be told, Vday starts tomorrow and carries on until Tuesday morning. My theory on Vday is that the reason it’s such a big deal isn’t just the marketing aspect—which certainly plays a part—but also that it falls during what is usually kind of a slow month, in the thick of winter, when people don’t typically have a lot to get excited about. (Unless you’re a snow and ice enthusiast. Do those people exist?) It’s a holiday by necessity, if nothing else. Although the chocolate and card companies are certainly not complaining.

As for me, I think this year I’m going to try and see past the materialistic aspect, and focus on the love stuff. Not just my husband, but everyone I love, and with four whole days to work with, I think I can let them all know how I feel. That’s what really matters, right? The chocolate is just a bonus. Although a NICE one.

have a good day, everyone….