First and foremost, I want to thank the people who were kind enough to comment yesterday to let me know that The Truth About Forever was picked for Tayshas Reading List and mentioned in PW by a bookseller as a good book to recommend to Teens dreaming of a Valentine’s Day Date. I swear if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t know about any of this stuff, and I am MUCH appreciative. Thank you! (And to the person who let me know that the book DIDN’T make the cut for ALA Best Books for Young Adults, I thank you, too. Always nice to be informed!)

Meanwhile, it’s Friday, and there are so many things to be excited about. Like the fact that Lance Armstrong is on Oprah today. I have written here many times about how I am totally inspired by Lance, and about my married girl crush on him (can’t help it!) so I am really looking forward to this show. He hasn’t said yet if he’s going to do the Tour again—I think he said he’d announce in April—but we laid some bets with our cycling crazy neighbors. I said I didn’t think he would do it, but they believe otherwise. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Either way, he’s awesome, and if you DON’T know much about him, you should check the show out. Seriously.

Speaking of enjoyable shows, I have to say that even with the Big Shocking Ending (which was not all that shocking, as it’s been discussed on the internet forever) last night, the O.C. wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. But then again, I’m always sad when Seth Cohen is sad. We’re simpatico that way. The worst part of the episode for me, though, was how Sandy was just letting me down, again and again. I think it shows my age that these days, I’m relating so much to the parents on the show: I mean, it’s not like I ever felt that way about Jim and Cindy Walsh. We were NOT simpatico. But there’s something about Sandy and Kirsten that I love, and him lying to her, covering up….it bothered me. To the point that I was shouting at the TV, “No! No!” then had to look away. So frustrating.

So in case you’re keeping score, here’s the recap: Lance (amazing) Sandy (disappointing) Seth (simpatico). Got it? Good.

I wish you all a very happy weekend, surrounded by those you love and are simpatico with (what does that even mean, anyway?). I also wish you chocolate, because for me that’s the best part of Valentines Day, other than having those you love around you, of course. Single or committed, married or not, I say, Godiva for everyone. Bring it on!

have a good day, everyone!