Only 8:35 am and I’ve already been witness to not one but two proposals of marriage on Good Morning America. What is it about watching someone ask someone else to marry them that is just so fascinating? Even though I am running late this morning, a million things to do, I find myself frozen in front of the TV as the guy goes down on one knee, and the girl begins trembling, and the question is posed, then answered. Thank goodness both women I saw said yes. Can you imagine if they didn’t? Maybe that’s why I am so enthralled, the fear of rejection. I don’t know. I think it’s like so much of reality TV, the personal becoming public, that just makes it compelling. Could be wrong, though.

So it IS Valentine’s Day, and I am off to do the most romantic of things: get my oil changed. Then I’m really taking it to a high love level by going to the post office. Sa-wooon! Seriously, though, my husband and I did our Valentine’s thing last night, cooked a big dinner, had the richest chocolate cake ever for dessert. And he gave me roses, so amazing. So today is just a bonus. Before I head off to begin my day, though, I must weigh in on the Grammys from last night. I watched the first hour and a half or so. LOVED Gwen Stefani and Eve at the beginning—although juggling between four different acts was kind of confusing—loved Alicia Keys. The Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony thing was a little too dinner theater for my taste, but she sounded good, so good for her. I think the other thing that was odd about that was how it was so quickly juxtaposed with the whole Southern Rock Revivial, introduced by Matthew McConaughey in full Wooderson mode. (“Hey Man, watch the leather!”) And then we’re right into Freebird, which was quite a jump from the J.Lo thing. Kind of the equivalent of visual whiplash. Although it’s always nice to see Freebird performed. I could barely manage to control myself from whipping out my lighter, but I managed. (Actually, I don’t even think I have a lighter. Isn’t that sad. I guess a flashlight wouldn’t have quite the same effect. But I digress.) I was exhausted, so I went to bed with US Weekly, but could hear Kanye West and Melissa Etheridge from the bedroom, both of whom sounded awesome, so I probably should have stayed up a bit longer. That’s what I get for not being able to keep my eyes open past ten, i.e. Everything. On the flip side, I’m awake for the morning shows and multiple proposals. So it all works out in the end. Gotta love that.

Have a good day, everyone!