Okay, so I’m officially sick. This is after having an almost-a-cold hanging on for the last ten (ten!) days, which never got bad enough to just give up and crawl into bed. Until last night. UGH, I feel SO bad right now. My entire body hurts. Man.

So I’m currently camped out on the couch, watching the Ellen Show and surfing the internet, biding my time until I can go back to sleep (which I think will happen in about five minutes or so). I never watch daytime TV (and Tivo Starting Over) so it’s always interesting to see what’s on. So far I’ve seen the Trent Ford-Scarlett Johannson perfume commercial twice: who knew that target market was watching TV at 10:45 am? Or maybe I only saw it once, or not at all: my head’s so stuffed up I feel like I’m underwater.

Okay, so I’ve already zoned out about three times (and blown my nose twice that) since I started typing this entry. Better sign off before I start in with the gibberish. But I feel kind of bad putting up such a lame entry. So here’s something to discuss: there’s going to be a Lindsay Lohan Barbie: it comes with a director’s chair and a red velvet rope. But no Wilmer, which only makes sense, right? Who wants to bet Paris and Tinkerbell are next?

I’m going back to bed now. Have a good day everyone!