Good morning.

So I’m back in the land of the living, on the road to wellville, whatever you want to call it, and so much is happening. First and foremost, I turn on my computer this morning to find that Hunter S. Thompson has died, which is just really surprising and sad, as it seems he took his own life. I must have read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a dozen times when I was in high school. Also passing this weekend: Sandra Dee. Talk about a strange pairing: the great Gonzo journalist, known for his crazy excesses, with one of the first of America’s sweethearts, known for the total opposite. My first roomate, the fabulous Kelly, was a total AMC addict: when she came home from work at night, she’d camp out in front of the TV, watching whatever old movie was on. Because of this, I’ve seen Sandra Dee’s “A Summer Place” about as many times as I’ve read Fear and Loathing. “A Summer Place” is one of those movies that is so drama heavy you can’t even stand it (but in a good way) and the theme song will get stuck in your head for hours. Kelly and I would walk around humming it just to annoy each other. Good times.

Meanwhile, another week begins. Being sick so totally and unexpectedly was like taking an unplanned vacation: one where you don’t really have fun, either. But now I wake up today and February is winding down, things are moving on. Bizarre. It will be March soon. Hallelujah! It’s funny how the signs of spring’s imminent arrival change as you get older. I mean, some stay the same: trees budding, days getting longer, all that. But when I was in college, and even after, you knew spring was around the corner because everyone started talking about Spring Break, and the great trips they were going on. (Although I never went anywhere, instead choosing to stay here and work for all the people who WERE going to Florida, or Greece, or wherever. I was such a nerd.) Now, I can tell warmer weather is approaching because the people I hang out with are discussing yardwork and gardening, various deer prevention methods, and what vegetables they’re going to try to tackle this year. It’s a big change, I know.

I was very aware of this yesterday, when my husband and I ventured out to Lowe’s to do a little shopping, and the place was packed with people, early on a Sunday morning. My husband and I always joke about going to Lowe’s together, or Home Depot or on any kind of Married People Errand, and quote that bit from Old School, when Will Farrell is explaining how he can’t partake of the beer bong because he and his wife have a busy day the next day, going to Home Depot, and Bed Bath and Beyond “..but I don’t know if we’ll have time.” You know your life has changed a bit when, on Sunday morning, instead of sleeping off some wild and crazy party from the night before, you’re buying air conditioning filters and cleaning supplies, as well as a new vacuum cleaner, which you are just so excited about it’s almost embarrassing. What I’m starting to realize now is that I must embrace these changes, because they are good ones, and it doesn’t mean I’ve become completely boring. Just slightly. Not Hunter S., but not Sandra Dee either. Somewhere, very happily, in between.

Thank you all for all your get well wishes. I appreciated them! Have a good day, everyone….