I’ve written here before about my addiction to—and recent giving up of—bottled Starbucks frappacinos. It was a bad habit, a daily habit, as well as one I enjoyed immensely. I called them my bottled Prozac. But this fall, I sensed things were getting out of control, so I gave them up. Hard to do, but worth it, and I have no regrets. Of course, I didn’t give up caffeine (are you crazy???) so these days I’ve been drinking black coffee and, on special occasions, real mochas, which I love and adore but cannot make a habit of. The place I get my big cup of black coffee here on campus, though, has always offered this other, somewhat curious option. It’s a machine that says CAPPUCCINO, with a picture of a nice frothy beverage on the front. These aren’t REAL cappuccinos, obviously, but some sort of strange hybrid, and it also offers FRENCH VANILLA and HOT CHOCOLATE. There’s a button for each. Every day when I get my coffee, I have stopped and considered this machine, wondering what it was like. And then, will power in force, I have resisted. Until today.

Oh.my.God. I grabbed a cup, hit the button, and there was this whooshing, sloshing sound, and out came this pretty brown drink that I swear must be pure sugar. It is so good. TOO GOOD. I fear I am off the wagon. But I will not beat myself up. I will just enjoy it and go back to coffee the next time. I hope.

Meanwhile, I had a great day yesterday speaking to a bunch of very cool Wake County librarians at their Staff Day, all of whom were incredibly understanding when, during my talk, I had to keep blowing my nose and coughing. By the end I was a sniffly, hacking mess, but I did get through it. Have I mentioned how much I love librarians? Well I just did again. So there.

Finally, I just want to say that I will NOT be bamboozled by the Fox network into devoting three hours of my life every week to American Idol. I won’t. You can’t make me! I watched about thirty minutes of the show last night, then turned it off in protest. Also, “You are my Lady,” is a song I cannot tolerate under any circumstances. So maybe that something to do with it. From now on I am only watching the final show on Wednesday. I will give up these other ones the way I gave up sugary coffee drinks: with resolute will and, most likely, some backsliding. Oh well.

have a good day, everyone!