I am SO bummed out today, because I totally spaced last night and forgot to watch the One Day at a Time Reunion Show . I cannot BELIEVE it. I used to love, love, love that show: when I was a kid, it was one of my very favorites. In fact, when I played Barbies with my friends, and my Barbie was always an ad exec, it was because of Ann Romano, liberated woman, who had that very same job. Man! This is what happens when you get sucked into the Fox Network: after Idol, my husband wanted to watch one of his new favorite shows, House, (which is actually pretty good) and when that was over I went to bed, totally forgetting about Ann and the reunion show altogether. Which stinks, because ODAAT was a great show: how could you not love Valerie Bertinelli before she was Mrs. Van Halen? And those awesome 70’s bell-bottom (now called flared) fashions? And then there was the wisecracking handyman downstairs. Good times. Maybe they’ll rerun it. Or maybe, I’m just kidding myself.

What I wonder is, what shows on now are going to really stand the test of time? With the Happy Days Reunion show (which I missed) and so many others, there’s a real trend of looking back at great old shows and casts. Can you imagine an O.C. reunion, ten, fifteen years from now? (I totally can.) But will all these reality casts be worth checking in on? Will we even remember who Ryan Seacrest was in twenty years? (Seacrest, out! WAAAY out!) It’s interesting to consider. I mean, there are still great shows on TV. But which ones will really resonate, as evidence of a specific time, like Happy Days, or All in the Family? Hmmmm.

Speaking of nostalgia (sort of) I have to say there is nothing more rewarding, as a writer, than when you get evidence of your books just going on oh-so-happily, having a life without you. I got this today with this article about a book club in New Jersey discussing This Lullaby. How cool is that? It’s weird how, sometimes, when I finish writing, and then editing, and then promoting a book, and then move onto the next one, starting the whole process over again, that I forget that the books still have these entire lives ahead of them. They don’t need me anymore, there to push them along: they just go, all on their own. For ages. That is just so cool.

Not so cool is my day ahead: getting my taxes done. God help me. Have a good day, everyone!