So I’m watching Oprah yesterday—although it might have been from earlier in the week, with Tivo you never know—and it’s all about people who love celebrities and making their dreams come true. (That’s Oprah’s big thing this season, making dreams come true: she has a bus that says it and everything!) Anyway, this show had Gwen Stefani, Enrique Iglesias and Hillary Duff surprising their Biggest Fans. It was a cute show, as these often are, where they completely surprise some poor person, who then cries and shakes and gets a makeover and trip to meet the person they worship, etc. I really only watched the one about Gwen, because I love Gwen, and she totally fascinates me. Another person who loves Gwen: my husband. He was doing stuff around the house last night, distracted with various things, but as soon as he walked in the room and saw Ms. Stefani on the screen, he sat down and paid attention. Gwen’s biggest fan got a makeover, free clothes, AND a trip to the Grammys. But then, in the footage of her at the Grammys, we saw she got something else: she got to meet Lance Armstrong (and Sheryl Crow). Man! My husband and I just looked at each other, and he sighed and said, “She got MY dream Oprah show!” Which is just so funny to me, because my husband is not the kind of person I would have ever imagined would HAVE a dream Oprah show. Then again, Gwen and Lance: pretty cool.

It got me thinking about who I would want Oprah to introduce ME to, if I could meet anyone. The truth is, though, meeting Oprah would be pretty much enough. MORE than enough. I think I’d just sit there, frozen and silent, in complete and total awe of her. But if I HAD to choose, I’d say Sarah Jessica Parker. Cameron Crowe, perhaps. Or maybe Adam Brody. Writer-wise, I’d want to meet Judy Blume, John Irving or Anne Tyler…although as soon as I finish this entry I’ll think of eighteen hundred other authors I should have included in that list. It’s funny how people never pick writers, though, to meet. Maybe because it’s not as glamorous a profession, as, say, rock star/fashion designer? Gwen gave her fan a bunch of clothes and the Grammys…a writer could give books and a reading. Not QUITE as exciting, and it would be hard, if not impossible, to promise Lance Armstrong. But still: if I got to meet Judy Blume, I wouldn’t care about any of that. It would be plenty—probably even more than I could take!—all on its own. Wow.

have a good day everyone!