Okay, new life dream: go to Las Vegas to see Barry Manilow.

Don’t look at me like that. I’m serious! There was a time when I was slightly embarrassed of my love for Barry, but I’m past that now. I am free and open with the fact that I (1) own his albums (2) get wildly happy whenever I see him on TV and (3) have been to see him in concert once before already. Yes, it’s true. And can you imagine Las Vegas AND Barry Manilow? Can you even think of a better combination? I wonder how hard it is to get tickets. I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m seriously looking into this. I just can’t believe I forgot to include him on my Oprah dream show list. Well: he’s on it now. Big time.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday, and I’m looking forward to my first weekend in awhile when I haven’t been under the weather (although I say this as I am, still, blowing my nose. What gives?). Plus, it’s Oscar weekend, which I love. I handed out Oscar pick sheets to my class yesterday, as I do every spring semester around this time, with prizes for whoever gets the most correct. (Side note: the last two years, I have actually won. It’s all that EW reading, I swear.) Anyway, it’s always hard, because you don’t know if you should pick who WILL win, or who SHOULD win. I will say I have not seen Million Dollar Baby, so I can’t really judge, but Hillary Swank DOES already have an Oscar for Best Actress, so can’t Kate Winslet win for Eternal Sunshine? PLEASE? I would just love to see her speech. But I am a realist, so I will just have to be happy knowing Kate’s dress will rock, if nothing else. Personally, I am most looking forward to Chris Rock as the host. I am convinced he will say something that will have everyone either buzzing or offended for at least a week afterwards. That’s my prediction. And that Scorcese will finally win Best Director, and Aviator Best Picture, Jamie Foxx Best Actor, and Eternal Sunshine Best Original Screenplay, and Cate Blanchett Best Supporting Actress. Supporting Actor I am not sure of…maybe Alan Alda, just to shake things up? We shall see.

Of course, I’ll probably come back to this entry on Monday and see I was wrong, wrong, wrong about everything. Except my love for Barry. That never changes. Hello Vegas!

have a good weekend, everyone!