Okay, so my Oscar picks were not DEAD on—and I certainly won’t win the pool—but I did call Cate Blanchett and Jamie Foxx correctly, and Eternal Sunshine DID win for screenplay, so I will not complain. I watched the first hour and a half or so of the show, although I did keep jumping back to other saved shows on my Tivo, then returning to Oscar and fast forwarding through commercials and boring parts. I know that they were trying to trim time (and boring parts) by having nominees for lesser categories on stage, or giving out awards in the audience, but frankly, I just thought it was odd. Especially when they had people sitting down all in a row, and then the presenter beside with a microphone: it looked like a talk show, like perhaps they were about to take questions, or play a little game, like Rosie O’Donnell used to do when she went up into the audience. So weird! Chris Rock I thought was really good, and interesting, and I am bummed I went to bed before Charlie Kaufman. But I’m sure there will be eight hundred recaps on all the entertainment shows tonight. These days, you don’t have to worry about ever REALLY missing anything, you know? Everything is on replay. Which is either good or bad. I’m not sure which.

Meanwhile, I ventured out yesterday and went shopping for the first time in ages. Recently, I’ve been trying to cut down on my retail therapy, and I had been doing really well, but eventually, something has to give, and for me, it was all about the Banana Republic card. They just keep sending me things in the mail (ten dollars off! fifteen dollars off!) and even though I know, in my logical mind, that it’s not really saving money if you have to first spend money, I always get suckered in. I am a marketer’s dream that way. (It’s like with the Clinque free gift, which I always get so pumped about, even when my husband points out that it’s not really free if you have to buy something to get it. Which is just so picky, really. And, um, true.)

My true downfall, through, is that you can now use your BR card AND discounts at the Gap. (The Gap is on to me too: they EMAIL me coupons. Email! I mean, how am I supposed to resist?) What can I say? I am not that strong. So yesterday I show up with my various coupons, and pretty much go a little crazy—I bought entirely too much pink—and while I do save money, I also spend money, and what does that mean? (Besides that I now, um, owe money.) I’ll tell you what it means: more coupons in the mail and over email. God help me, it’s a vicious cycle.

Still, I have to say that because it had been awhile since I’d shopped, I’d forgotten how much fun it was. I mean, really. There’s a particular joy you get from it that’s unlike anything else, that’s special, like eating chocolate is special, and having a big long nap in the middle of the day is special. Oh, sure, there’s guilt. But then, there’s always guilt. So you might as well have fun earning it. Right?

have a good day everyone!