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I know that some of you may find this surprising—if not shocking—but I do not watch all reality television shows. Specifically, I don’t watch The Bachelorette. But after reading the recap of the the finale last night, I kind of wish I did. Now, I’m probably reading too much into this, but isn’t there something sort of refreshing about someone on one of these TV reality dating shows ending up with two suitors she’s supposed to choose between and picking…neither? It’s such a Kelly Taylor moment. Remember, on 90210 (the later years, this was) when Brandon gave her an engagement ring, and Dylan a ticket to go around the world, and she said, after much dramatic deliberation, “I choose me,” and picked neither of them?

I mean, think about it. In a world this big, with this many people, what are the real and true chances that the person you’re really meant to be with will be part of a pool of twenty or so, hand picked by producers? Pretty slim. There’s no accounting for fate. And I like the idea of not settling just because it makes for a happy TV moment, only to have the relationship crash and burn a month or two later (which has happened to several Bachelor and Bacheorette couples). Maybe this is a new wave for reality TV: that is, reality. Life is messy and complicated and love is unpredicatable. All the carriage rides and dreamy dates in the world won’t work if there’s no spark, period. If it was possible to manufacture or control love, someone would be making a LOT of money off of doing so by now. Don’t you think? I do.

And thus ends your romantic insight for the day. (From a person, as Bianca would point out, who has not dated since the eighties. But whatever!) Now, moving on to other, more important things. Like watching America’s Next Top Model starting up tonight? Forget love. Give us cattiness and catwalks. Yes!

Have a good day, everyone….