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I am going to try to keep this entry short because I have a bandaid on my finger that it making typing somewhat cumbersome. I cut it last night while slicing an onion, which sounds very boring. I think I’ll tell people I was in a bar fight instead. Much more glamorous.

I was sitting on the couch last night, half watching American Idol and half checking out Tshirts for my husband on the Internet. There are SO many Napoleon Dynamite shirts out there—one with a fish and the line I CAUGHT YOU A DELICIOUS BASS was a favorite—but I noticed that those innuendo-style state shirts that first showed up at Abercrombie are really popular as well. Although I’m not sure sure about this North Carolina one . Hmmmm. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, it’s March, which always just makes me so happy, because it finally seems like we’re actually making progress towards Spring. Not that you can tell here, of course, as it’s freezing and windy. But the calendar does not lie, and outside my window as I write this, I can see little red buds on the trees. They still have a way to go, but they’re THERE, and that counts for something. Actually, a lot.

Finally—this bandaid is really driving me nuts—I have to say that the use of old eighties hooks in current songs has reached a new high (or low, depending on how you look at it). I heard Nelly’s new song, and it’s got Spandau Ballet’s “True,” running throughout it, a song that can get me back to junior high faster than just about anything. First few notes and boom, I’m there, at the seventh grade dance. Seriously. Is it really just sampling, or borrowing, if you use the entire song and just subsitute new words? Where is the line drawn, if at all? Then again, it’s a whole new world anyway when Gwen Stefani is sampling Fiddler on the Roof for “Rich Girl.” I’m so distracted by all the sampling that when I actually hear an eighties song these days, I assume it’s just part of a remake. Case in point: I heard Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl,” the other day, and I just sat there, waiting for it to morph into something else. Took me until it was about halfway done before I realized that yes, it was the original. Imagine that. Remember when a song was just a song? Or, was that ever the case?

Oh, who knows. Or cares, really. I mean, it’s almost Spring!

have a good day, everyone…