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Last night I went to see a stage adaptation of The Truth About Forever that was put on by some students in the performance studies program here at UNC. It was just SO GOOD. I can’t even tell you. I just sat there, awed. It’s so bizarre always, at first at least, to see your characters walking around without you somehow involved—but the performance studies program here is so great, because they really use the book verbatim as much as possible, so it’s as true as it can be to what I wrote. I got all emotional at the end. I won’t lie to you. I’m so honored that they picked my book, and sitting there listening to the scenes I kept thinking back to when I was writing it, two years ago, and how some days I felt so demoralized and depressed, thinking it would never be a) done or b) good. (This, by the way, is totally normal for me and my process.) And there I was, all that time later, with the book out and alive in front of my eyes. It is still miraculous to me. AND I got my picture taken with Macy and Wes. So cute!

Because I was out last night, I missed American Idol. I realized this morning that really, speeding through it on Tivo is the best way to watch the results show. No faux suspense, No Seacrest stalling, no sad little pans across anxious faces. Just boom, boom, boom and boom. Out! And moving on. Although I was sad to see David go, if only because, if I remember, correctly, his mom was the one who almost fainted when he made it? I hope she’s okay today. What is WRONG with me, that I worry about strangers? Oh, who knows.

Finally, something pretty much unrelated that I just have to share, if only because this week, it has made me laugh out loud TWICE: Dan Renzi’s blog. If you watched Real World Miami, he was part of that cast, and since has participated in some of the Real World-Road Rules challenge shows. He makes me laugh, as I said, AND he loves America’s Next Top Model. I am tempted to watch the new challenge just because of him. Like I need ANOTHER show to watch. I mean, really.

have a good day, everyone!