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Up CRAZY early on this Friday because, yet again, it is vet day. My dog Scout is going in this morning for an appointment to get her teeth cleaned—way overdue, I can’t even tell you—and because she can have no food before they put her under (it’s a surgical procedure) neither can Monkey, which means that at this very moment, while my husband gets ready for work, they are completely confused. Wait, they are thinking, while looking at me incredulously: this is the time of day we get fed! He should be feeding us RIGHT NOW! He could be putting the food in our bowls at this very instant and we wouldn’t even know it because you are keeping us hostage here, in the bedroom! Monkey keeps whining, and Scout is looking at me like she doesn’t understand why I’m punishing her. Man, this is stressful. Especially for 6:51 a.m.

I always get so nervous when my dogs have to have anesthesia for any reason. I know it’s safe, etc, but Scout IS eleven. But she also has terrible breath, like, dragon breath (my fault, not hers, it isn’t like she can brush her own teeth). So hopefully, around twelve hours from now, I’ll go to pick her up and all will be well, she’ll have sparkling pearly whites and Monkey will not have completely have fallen apart as a result of being separated from her all day. He’s a bit attached. To say the least. We’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, because it is Friday, something fun to entertain you, at least for a few moments: Montage-a-Google. Pick an image to search for, and it makes a collage for you. So cool. Last night, when I discovered The O.C. was a rerun, I typed in “Adam Brody” and the result was almost enough to make up for my disappointment. Almost. Now I just need to figure out how to save the results, which I can’t seem to do now. Anyone?

Oh, I think I hear my husband coming. Which means we’re about to commence the mayhem, chaos and explosion of panicked barking that means we’re separating the dogs. Serious business! Wish me luck….

have a good day, everyone!