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They say that the first step to beating an addiction is to admit you have a problem. People: I have a problem. I watch ENTIRELY too many TV shows. It’s really gotten out of control lately, or so I realized when I looked at my TiVo Now Playing List this morning. There really just is not enough time in the day to watch everything, but honestly, that’s not the issue. I mean, this is getting kind of embarrassing. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve decided to list everything I’m currently watching (or trying to watch) with an eye towards whittling down the list. This is hard to do, so be kind. Remember: it’s all about the healing.

Okay. Here we go:

1. Starting Over. I cannot and will not give this one up. Plus, I have convinced myself it has redemptive qualities. Again: the healing.
2. The O.C. I’m not cutting this one, either. Even though it is far from redemptive, unless you count how good Seth Cohen makes me feel.
3. American Idol. God help me, three nights. It’s too much! Maybe just pare down to one?
4. Nick and Jessica. I think I could do without this. They seem sort of bickery and sad these days.
5. The Ashlee Show. Likewise, could probably do without. But still, a sick sort of fascination.
6. America’s Next Top Model. Just began, so could forgo somewhat easily. But no Tyra? I don’t know.
7. Celebrity Fit Club. Almost over. Thank God.
8. The Surreal Life. Possibly the one I’m most embarrassed to admit I watch. And therefore the one I should STOP watching. Like, right now.
9. Dr. Phil. Redemptive!
10. Oprah. Redemptive AND Inspirational.
11. Making the Band Three. Just started, don’t need. And it looks like it’ll be too much like ANTM this season anyway. I mean, how many shows about cohabitating divas do I really need in my life? (Answer as of right now: two. Oh, God.)

I think that’s it. But I am probably forgetting something. I think I need to cut about three, and then institute a rule: if I start wanting to Tivo a new show, another has to go. This is the same rule I have going with my closet as far as black pants go. So far: not working. But still!

have a good day, everyone!