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Much thanks to everyone for their input on what shows I should eliminate from my Tivo Season Pass. Right now, it looks like Nick and Jessica, Ashlee and Making the Band Three are all going to go. This is easier to do, I think, because as many of you pointed out, they will be in reruns and marathons on MTV forever. So it’s kind of like a safety net. Or crutch. Or, whatever. So I cut three, but then I realize there are other shows I will most likely have to add. Like Project Greenlight (starts next week!) and Entourage (starts sometime!) Lose a few, gain a few. It’s all cyclical, right?

Speaking of television, finally confirmation of something that’s been puzzling me: yes, that is Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish in those new Burger King Ads. And yes, he is singing that song about chicken sandwiches to the tune of “Hard Rock Candy Mountain.” (edited: ooops, that’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” I knew that, I swear! But thanks Courtney, for pointing it out.) I thought so! That’s really been driving me a little nuts, if truth be told. You have to wonder what it was that made him decide to do those ads. Maybe he wanted the exposure? A new beachhouse? A cool rhinestone cowboy outfit? Whatever the reason, it’s working. I mean, I know the product and the song. Not LIKE it. But know it.

Finally, speaking of celebrities popping up in unexpected places, did you know that Rosie O’Donnell has a blog ? Neither did I. It’s kind of interesting, written in this very cool free verse sort of way. So maybe this is what happens to people once they fade, or choose to fade, from the public eye. Burger King and cowboy outfits, or weblogs and poetry. Not bad options, when you really think about it. Not at all.

have a good day, everyone!