I know I deserve this for even watching in the first place, but I was just so disappointed with the outcome of America’s Next Top Model. Lesson conveyed, at least in my opinion? If you’re a model, it’s better to have a bad attitude and be a not very nice person than to be “overweight.” Now, this is probably true. I mean, it’s all about the pictures, I guess. But there was just something SO upsetting about it all for me. Isn’t life hard enough without someone offering up proof that 1) nice guys finish last and 2) it’s all about how you look, not who you are? Granted, this is reality TV, where they LIKE to keep on the drama queens because it makes things more interesting. I get that. It just kind of depressed me. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, because you did something better with that hour of your life last night, I envy you. Really.

Enough with the rant, though, because in about an hour and a half, my spring break officially begins. Yes! I will celebrate by….doing pretty much what I would do any other Thursday. Or, not. Maybe I will throw caution to the wind and get all crazy. Not Daytona Beach-jello shot crazy, but married-girl-almost-35 crazy. Like, maybe I won’t vaccuum the living room today. OOOH! Or maybe I will go to CVS and splurge on completely unnecessary lipsticks. Get back! More likely, I will settle in tonight on the couch with a Yueng Ling (lite) and watch the O.C., but not before taking a minute to honor and toast my reckless, feckless youth. Which, because I will be sitting drinking lite beer at 8pm on the first day of Spring Break, in front of the TV, in the safety of my own home, I think I can safely say has passed. But oh, well. Not such a bad thing, maybe.

Finally, I will share this little story that made me smile. Near our house, out here in the sticks, there’s this little pasture right on the road where someone keeps a couple of horses. I drive past everyday and look at them. Recently, a rooster has appeared in the same pasture, just kind of hanging out. The other day I drove past and glanced over, and he was outside the fence, one of the horses ducking over to sniff at him. It looked like they were having a conversation. (Maybe about America’s Next Top Model?) I told my husband about this when I got home, because it just struck me as kind of funny. He thought for a moment. Then he said, “Well, everyone loves company.” Which was just so silly and sweet at the same time it made me burst out laughing. In fact, I just laughed writing it. Why, I have no idea. I think that, though, is the lesson I am going to take with me today. Not that nice guys finish last, or your size matters more than your attitude. No. Everyone loves company. So true, right?

have a good day, everyone!