Ah, vacation. Feels….well, like any other Friday, actually. I keep having to remind myself that I am on Spring Break and should be behaving accordingly. Then again, it is only 8:08 am. The day has only just begun!

Yesterday, in class, I tried to gather my thoughts to say something meaningful to my students as they headed out on their breaks, because honestly, I worry. I mean, I’ve watched the MTV Spring Break Coverage—I know what happens. (Missed out on it myself, never really regretted it, have to say, but whatever.) However, you have to be careful how you express said worry, as I learned years ago. When I first starting teaching, one of my colleagues asked me to take over a class for him just before break. I taught the class, and we found ourselves with a few moments to kill at the end, so I suggested we go around the room and everyone say what they were doing with their week off. Some folks were just going home, other on organized group trips, etc, etc. Finally we get to this total fratalicious guy who is so pumped because he’s going to Daytona Beach. He’s like, “I can’t wait! It’s going to be a TOTAL party, serious drinking, serious hooking up. Woo-hoo!” (I’m paraphrasing. But you get the idea.) Everyone laughs. He was still grinning ear to ear, and I said, “Well, wear a condom.”

I swear to God, it just came out. Boom! Wasn’t thinking at all. I was twenty-seven years old, having just transitioned from the restaurant business, a work environment not known for its discretion, to teaching. Ooops! The girl sitting next to me gasped and said, “No she did NOT just say that!” But I had. Kind of a low point in my teaching career. Which is why NOW before break, I say this to my students: “Have fun. Please be safe. And wear sunscreen! At least on your face! Skin cancer is REAL, people!” They roll their eyes at me and laugh. But at least no one is offended. At least, I don’t think so.

Anyway. My own break is off to a fun start: last night we had dinner with the fabulous Courtney, after which she came back to the house to watch not only the new O.C. that was on last night (fun!) but the season finale from last season on DVD (so emotional!) We also discussed the fun of huge fake diamonds, our love of Center Stage, and what, exactly, it means for someone to have a NASCAR tattoo. Is that a tattoo that says NASCAR, or something else, like the face of the Intimidator? Would Marissa even know what NASCAR is? Good times. And then today, we have ACC Tournament action all day. See, it is a vacation! Now, I’ll just go put on on sunscreen and make it official….

have a good day, everyone!