So I’m on this morning, looking over the headlines. There’s a rally in Lebanon, the woman taken hostage in Atlanta is speaking out, China is in conflict with Taiwan and…..Mario Vasquez has dropped out of American Idol. What does it say about me that this is the first story I click on? Oh, God, I don’t even want to know. (In my defense, I had already been to the NY Times site and covered the headlines. But still!) Then again, it’s not the first time someone’s dropped out early on: remember Frenchie? Maybe Mario has something in his past he’d rather not have come out. Or, maybe he decided to just go solo. Who knows? Well, we probably will, soon enough. We shall see.

Meanwhile, my Spring Break continues. We had various events this weekend, and last night collapsed in front of the TV, at which point I realized that while listing shows that I watch last week, I forgot Arrested Development, which I have just gotten into this season. I tried to watch it once last year and just didn’t get it: now, I am completely addicted. It’s the smartest show on TV, just about, which is why I probably didn’t get it at first (sad but true). Just really cleverly written, with these kind of circular plotlines that all eventually interconnect. Jason Bateman is so funny, and Ron Howard narrates (and Henry Winkler is a cast member: hello, Happy Days connection!). And, icing on the cake, last night Amy Poehler from SNL was on it, and I LOVE her. If EW is to be believed, this is show is constantly in danger of getting cancelled, even though it’s won a bunch of Emmys and other awards. It really should be on HBO, where it would be getting huge press and attention and the props it deserves. Maybe they’ll give it a home if Fox gives up on it?

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I just have to share something I saw yesterday on the way to the grocery store. Driving into town, I come over a hill and there’s a woman climbing out of a green truck that’s parked on my side of the road, facing me. She’s tall, wearing jeans and a sweater and aviator sunglasses and as I slow down, she walks out into the road, reaches down and PICKS UP this dead animal laying there—I think it was a rabbit, although I’m not sure—then walks back to her truck, puts it into the bed, and then climbs back behind the wheel. All with the same nonchalance I use when slowing down to pick up my paper at the end of the driveway. I mean, she didn’t flinch. Or make an EWW! face. Just grabbed that roadkill, picked it up, and went on her way. Well. Kind of made me rethink all of my anxiety issues, I have to tell you. And slow down a bit and NOT make eye contact as I passed her. Yikes! I was just telling my students last week that stories are everywhere: you just have to keep your eyes open. Case in point, people. Case in point.

have a good day, everyone!