Last entry for a little while, as tomorrrow I head out of town for a couple of days. I’m going to New York, which I am very much excited about, as I haven’t been in almost two years (the last time being the How to Deal premiere, when we zipped in for twenty four hours before zipping back home, a total blur also totally exciting). This should be a BIT more mellow. I wasn’t really planning to go anywhere for Spring Break, but I’m so glad I booked this trip: it’s just long enough to feel like I’m going somewhere, but quick enough to be back for some of the weekend. Plus, NCAA Tournament action starts in earnest on Friday: can’t miss that, right?

Of course, to GET to New York I have to fly. I have never liked flying. Okay, maybe when I was much younger, I did, but ever since right after high school graduation, when some friends and I had a terrible flight back from Boston—scary thunderstorm, plane shaking wildly—I have been a nervous about getting on planes. Not just nervous: I actually didn’t fly for about three years, taking trains and cars instead, even long distances. Kind of ridiculous, not to mention time consuming, so eventually I got up all my courage and got on a plane, which was a great achievement. You’d think that doing so would help me to beat my fear once and for all, but you’d be wrong. I still kind of freak out every time, which seems kind of unfair. I mean, if you face up to something that scares you, shouldn’t it not scare you anymore? Apparently not. Someone recently pointed out to me that it’s not really all that shocking that getting in an airplane and going up above the clouds at a high speed makes me nervous: it’s not actually a natural thing to do, so it’s no wonder something feels weird about it. Still, I wish I was like my husband, who can sit down on a plane and fall fast asleep before it even takes off, then only awake as it touches down. Meanwhile, as he sleeps, I’m clutching his hand so hard he’s losing circulation. That’s what he gets for being so relaxed.

Last year, faced with a flying trip I was just dreading, I finally broke down and told my doctor about my fear. I’d been sort of ashamed of it for so long that I never had, but she was very understanding and wrote me a prescription for a few Xanax. Now, as someone who rarely even takes Advil, even when she has a headache, I was hesitant. But then, sitting in an airport with a storm brewing outside and my heart racing, I decided to try it. And….it helped. Really. Just sort of calmed me down without knocking me out. I could even look out the window, which I could never do before (too far down! too far down!). I swear the book tour this summer—flying across country and back—would have been MUCH harder without it.

So I’m not thrilled about flying. But it’s a little better now. And it always helps, of course, if you have something on the other end of the trip to look forward to. Like shopping in one of the best cities in the world? Oh, yes. Yes!

I hope you guys have a great rest-of-the-week watching American Idol (sans Mario) ANTM (something scary happens!) and the O.C. (which is new? Or not?). And if you can think a good thought for me tomorrow, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Have a good day, everyone!