First off: thank you. To ALL of you. I can’t even say how much your comments about my last entry meant to me these last few days. We had a very long, sad weekend here, but everytime I checked my journal the nice words you all left made it a little bit better. It’s still hard, and I know it will be hard for awhile: that’s just how these things go. But the support means more than you know. I really, really appreciate it.

I have to say this, as well: thank God for basketball. If it wasn’t for the ultimate distraction that is March Madness, I’m not sure how we would have gotten through. But with so many basketball games (and UNC winning, thank Goodness!) I could lose myself for a couple of hours at a stretch. And I LOVE the NCAA Tournament. It’s just so cut and dry: one loss, and you’re out. No best of five, or seven. Please! Have a bad night? Warm up the bus, you’re going home. And so many of the games came down to the last few seconds, when you find yourself on your feet, finger crossed, breath held….it’s pretty fantastic. And now we’re down to sixteen. Then eight, and four, and two and…..yikes. One week at a time, people. That’s all I can take.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all of this, yesterday was the first day of Spring. For obvious reasons, I was not as joyous about this as I might have been, but it is still a good thing. Yesterday on the way to the grocery store, I noticed all these bushes suddenly blooming, little yellow flowers. The tree outside my window here is slowly budding into leaves. Daffodils are fully out. I love Spring and Summer, and seeing them getting closer just makes everything a bit more bearable. And bearable is good, for now.

Finally, last night I settled in to watch the first episode of the new Project Greenlight that I Tivoed the other night. I LOVE this show. It used to be on HBO, but now it’s on Bravo, and if you’re at all into movies, and how they get made (or don’t) you should be watching it. And how much do I love Matt Damon now? Not only is he a good actor, but he has real life integrity. Please! (P.S. Lara, thanks for the spoiler alert—the end was a surprise!—and I fully agree with you.) This season they want to make a) a horror movie and b) a movie that actually turns a profit. Just from the first episode, I am hooked. Which means I now have another show on my Season Pass, so I have to cut one to even things out. Oh, well. I wasn’t that into the Surreal Life, I guess. Who needs it anyway, when you have basketball?

have a good day, everyone….