Yesterday, I mentioned some good chick lit. Today, some good chicks. So to speak.

First, I know I’m late to comment on this, but I’m kind of bummed about The Gap replacing Sarah Jessica Parker with Joss Stone. I mean, she’s cute and talented too, but she’s no Carrie Bradshaw. I liked the fact, too, that SJP is a more unconventional beauty, the kind you often don’t see in national retail campaigns. I also know that I’m probably the only person who is not annoyed by those new “I Enjoy Being a Girl” ads, but I’m not. Secretly, I love them. I will get up out of bed and come into the living room if I hear one come on, just to watch her run down that street and throw those roses in the air. And then the song is stuck in my head for hours. And I don’t even mind! But I am a fan. So maybe that’s why.

Speaking of girls I love, this week there is finally a movie coming to theatres that I have some interest in seeing (after a LONG drought, I might add): Miss Congeniality 2. Okay, sounds kind of cheesy, but I love Sandra Bullock , I really do. She’s another actress that sort of breaks the mold. And the fact that she’s playing Harper Lee in a new bio flick? Oh, man. Just makes me like her more. I see some popcorn in my future this weekend. After the week I had last week, I think that is just what I need. Yes!

have a good day, everyone…