Good morning. And Good Friday.

Finally the end of the week, but things here are really just getting started. Tonight, all three teams from our local area (they call it the “Triangle Area” around these parts) are in play in the NCAA Tournament. Making things even more interesting, N.C. State and Duke are playing at pretty much exactly the same time, around 7, while UNC doesn’t tipoff until 9:47 pm. Which means a late night for me, I guess, as I’m normally contemplating putting on my pajamas around that time. I told my students that yesterday—-not the pajama part, but the basic idea—and one of them said, “But you will be staying up, right?” I replied, “Yes, but I will have to nap and plan and everything.” At which point they all laughed, like I was joking. I was not. Ah, to be nineteen and able to stay up all night without even thinking about it. Those were the days. Or were they? All I can say is that I hope my team can win and stay in it. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of staying in, or not, I feel the need to comment on the outcome of two of my regular shows this week. First, America’s Next Top Model, which redeemed itself, in my opinion, by finally sending Brandy, the girl with the Bad Attitude, packing. Sure, she’s gorgeous, and sure, in the Real World (or is that the real world?) she’d probably be very successful because her face would be more important than her personality, but kudos to Tyra for seeing that we normal folks at home don’t want to see that kind of thing rewarded week after week. And then Mikalah getting sent home on Idol last night. Well….I think it was time. If not overdue. Sure, she’s cute, and funny, but she’s been hitting a lot of flat notes: she kind of reminded me of John what’s-his-name from last year, fun for awhile but then way out of his element. And how much fun was it to go directly from the O.C. to the American Idol results show? Oh, just too fun. It almost makes you think they could have done that whole screwup on purpose….but they wouldn’t do that, would they? Hmmmmmmmm.

Finally, a second mention for the week, but I can’t help myself. Today, Sarah Jessica Parker is 40. Forty! Unbelieveable.

As Samantha would say: fabulous.

Have a good weekend, everyone!