Is it just me, or was anyone else kind of freaked out by American Idol last night? Not the performances, or Paula Abdul, who I am convinced is on some kind of drugs. (Does she not seem a little out of it lately? Am I crazy?) No, it was the theme, which, for those of you who didn’t see it, was The 90’s. From the very beginning, there was this implied nostalgia. “Ah, the nineties? Let me think back, back, wayyyy back….to five years ago.” Five years, people! Five! (I so sound like Jeremy Piven in Grosse Point Blank, don’t I?) As each contestant reminicised, I was sitting on my couch thinking, wait, 1998, wasn’t that, like, yesterday? I guess not. But it does seem sort of bizarre to be looking back so soon. Shouldn’t there be a rule, or something? Pretty soon, we’ll be talking about the good old days of the early 00’s. Ah, yes, O1, remember that? Great times.

This probably didn’t bother anyone else. It is probably just me acting out in my continuing freak-out leading up to turning 35 in June. Thirty-five people! 35! That’s halfway to seventy. Oh, my God. Okay, so it’s not really that old. I mean, Oprah’s fifty, and look at her. She’s only just getting started.

Okay. I feel better now.

Speaking of Oprah, last night I found myself watching her show from a couple of days back, which featured Lisa Marie Presley. Can I just say how much I like Lisa Marie? I can’t even say exactly what it is about her….sort of this world weariness, mixed with self-deprecation, that is just so appealing. Oprah would ask her about being married to Michael Jackson, or her wild childhood, and she’d just sort of sigh, and wince, and say, “Yeah, that pretty much sucked.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.) I mean, here’s a woman who really doesn’t have to do anything: she could just sit home at Graceland and count her money. She’s Elvis’s daughter, for Godsakes! But she’s putting herself out there with the music thing, even though she knows everyone’s going to rip her apart just because they can. Everytime I see an interview with her I think how much I like her, and this was the best yet. Plus, there’s that resemblance. I mean, seriously: those eyes! Even Oprah was distracted.

Finally, an update on the Austin signing I mentioned yesterday, for those of you who were interested. I’ll be doing an event with Laurie Halse Anderson next Thursday, the 7th, at 6pm at Bookpeople. You can get all the info here. Should be fun….

have a good day everyone!