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Oh, man. What a Monday.

First and foremost: The Game. Tonight, UNC vs. Illinois, 9:15pm. Can I just share that I am a nervous wreck? The last time UNC won the national championship, it was my final spring as a UNC student. Now, here we are again, in the last spring before I take a year off. But this team we’re playing has only lost ONE game all year. While we’ve lost…a few. Still, there’s this buzzing intensity you can just FEEL around here, everyone gearing up. Unlike most of the population, I will not be going down to Franklin Street to watch the game, for the very reason that once you couldn’t keep me away: because it will be INSANE. I can still remember the first time UNC won the championship. I was in sixth grade, and wanted to go downtown for the celebration. My mom said no, and I was so mad. Up in my room, I pushed open my window and I could HEAR it: from two or three miles away, people screaming, cheering, hollering. Insanity. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a big night.

Meanwhile, there was so much happening this weekend my head is still spinning. I had a houseguest, a baby shower, the LAST big basketball game. The Pope died, which dominated the news, of course. Mitch Hedberg died, which did not, but I was still sad, as I spent much of this past New Year’s Day listening to a CD of his standup act that my friend Scott brought over, and it just made me laugh so much. Doesn’t it seem to you like there are times when things are very flat and quiet, and then, boom! everything’s all whirling and twirly and crazy? Yeah. Me too.

Then, after tonight—and recovering from tonight, whatever happens—I’ve got tomorrow to get organized, and then I’m off to the Texas Library Association Conference in Austin. I have been told by no less than two people that Austin is so cool that I will probably decide immediately that I want to move there. All I know about it is that there is supposedly great music and great food, and that Lance Armstrong and Sandra Bullock both live there (although, presumably, not together). I personally have never been to Texas, unless the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport counts. So I am way excited. Not to mention so ready for both a trip and a break. Which I will need, because I will probably have an ulcer by tipoff tonight. But this is the price we pay for being fans. It’s so worth it.

have a great day, everyone! Go Heels!