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Okay, so I’m exhausted. Stayed up entirely too late watching the game, then the local news afterwards, which kept doing helicopter shots of Franklin Street, packed and teeming with people, bonfires lit up here and there between. Every time they’d zoom in on a bonfire and show people jumping it, I’d think, “Please don’t let those be any of my students!” Police estimate 45,000 people came out to celebrate. Looked fun from the comfort of my couch, I have to say. I also must say I was very happy to be here and not there. My favorite part of the entire thing? Michael Jordan, in a Carolina Blue tracksuit, hugging each and every player as they went to the locker room. So awesome. I am still wearing my lucky UNC shirt—I slept in it—which I wore the last three games and got completely superstitious about, and every time I look down at the logo, I smile. So nice.

And now we move on to…Tuesday? How can it only be Tuesday? Man. I really should get organized. Yesterday I did do on of my pre-leaving-town activities, which is go through the Tivo To Do list and reschedule everything I know my husband will not want to let tape while I’m gone. Such as: America’s Next Top Model (which luckily, they rerun on Friday) American Idol Results Show (I’ll find out who gets cut from someone) and various MTV shows that I shouldn’t even be watching anyway. The one thing I always tell him we MUST let tape is, of course, The O.C. Which is new this week AND has a Risky Business plotline. How much do I love that Josh Schwartz has eighties nostalgia? So very much.

Speaking of things I love, I just read an article on the NY Times site about the rising popularity of satellite radio (I’d link to it, but you have to register, which takes time, blah blah). Anyway, the upshot was that regular radio is beginning to feel a hit from XM and Sirius, and to that I say: well, yeah. Here’s something that would make them nervous, I’m sure: since I got my car with XM in it, I have not listened to regular radio AT ALL. Except for NPR. But music stations I used to listen to all the time? Gone. Nope. XM is, basically, the greatest. All these specialized stations, and no commercials. It’s incredible. You don’t realize how many ads are on regular radio—-not to mention how often they play the same songs, over and over again—until you get an alternative. On XM, they have an entire station devoted to Frank Sinatra. And another that’s just unsigned bands. It’s so freaking awesome I can’t even tell you. Now, I can see people not wanting to go out and buy a satellite radio, then get it installed, blah blah. But now that a lot of carmakers are putting them in standard in new cars? Watch out. That’s all I have a say. It’s the wave of the future, people!

(Or, has my husband has pretty much been saying nonstop since that push-up contest skit Ashton Kutcher did on SNL: “It’s sweeping the area!”)

Have a good day, everyone!